Sunanda Dhananjay

Co-Founder and Vice-President

Sunanda is a blessed mother of Arya who inspired the creation of The Arya Foundation. An energetic individual and an IT professional, she works hard to maintain The Arya Foundation and encourage families to seek help if they desire.

Dhananjay Kokate

Co-Founder and President

Dhananjay is a devoted father and founder of The Arya Foundation. He takes pride in his voluntary work and has strong desires to give back to the community. With the inspiration from his daughter Arya and strong will to help, he opened up The Arya Foundation to serve as many families as possible.

Janice Roberg

Board Member and Treasurer

Janice is an executive Board Member of The Arya Foundation and a true believer in The Arya Foundation’s mission. Janice works at the Roberg Tax Solutions in St Louis and has previously worked with various non-profit organizations.

Michelle Zipfel (Todd)

Board Member and Philanthropy Director

Michelle has more than 15 years of experience as a Philanthropy Chairperson. She has also worked with many charitable organizations. Her main goal as an Advisory member is to help spread the word about the mission of The Arya Foundation.

Ajinkya Kokate

Co-Founder and Event-chair

Ajinkya is the proud older brother of Arya. He is a strong supporter and Event coordinator of The Arya Foundation. With his help, the organization is growing quickly so that many families can be helped. He graduated from Saint Louis University and plans to pursue a career in Health Administrator, which was inspired by Arya.