arya-17Arya ! An angel from above who taught us how to love!
Arya Kokate was the daughter of Dhananjay Kokate and Sunanda Dhananjay and sister of Ajinkya Kokate, the founders of the organization.
Born on Valentines Day, 2004, she taught us unconditional love and giving. Arya was loved by her family every moment of every day.
The love and support from family, friends and community was abundant. The constant struggle was to make her life healthy and comfortable with the necessary medical supplies and equipment. She was our inspiration. She represents our hopes, our dreams, and our idea for a better life for the children. Because of her, we have built this foundation. Because of her, we want to help as many children as possible. Because of her, we want to touch the lives of families and let them know they aren’t alone. We are here to help. We are here to make a difference.

Arya’s Friend !
My daughter, Carissa, was in Arya’s morning kindergarten class. In the beginning of the school year she told me about Arya, “the girl in a wheelchair who is in my class.” She started talking about Arya more and more. She named one of her dolls Arya and put her in a stroller and took very good care of her. Carissa has never been one to play with dolls, but she has really come to love her Arya doll. She takes her to the store, out to eat and even puts her to bed every night. I once asked her what the big deal was about Arya and Carissa told me, “she’s my friend at school.”
Carissa would sometimes come home with stories about Arya and how she would join the class for art and music. I asked Carissa why Arya was her friend and she replied, “because she’s always happy.” Just yesterday Carissa was telling her grandmother and me that Arya had been absent from school for several days. She told us that she thought Arya must have moved to a different school, she was disappointed because she felt as if she lost a friend. Today when the students received news of Arya’s passing it was the first thing out of Carissa’s mouth, she told me before we even walked in the front door from getting off the school bus.
Arya was liked by Carissa and will definitely be missed. – Mom of Carissa