Jayce is an extremely lovable 15 year old who is full of joy and eager to please his teachers, parents, and other family members. He loves going to church, walking dogs, and spending time with his family. He was diagnosed with Microcephaly as an infant which caused him to have global developmental delays. He has a seizure disorder controlled by medication, and was later diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He received several Genetic tests over the years without any answers and it wasn’t until last year that he had Whole Exome Sequencing. We love the following quote that describes our feelings about our son, “I thought I would have to teach my son about the world, but instead it turns out I have to teach the world about my son, they see a boy who does not speak I see a miracle who does not need words.” Jayce is non – verbal, and uses a communication device to help make himself heard. He’s able to tell others about his interests and wants. Despite the fact that our son learns differently from other children, he is able to teach us vital lessons every day. He continues to teach us about faith, patience, compassion, and most importantly unconditional love.


:- By Jayce’s Mom