Ming was diagnosed autism when he was 3.  He has been attending the special education at school and also has been doing ABA at home. He has gotten big progress in language and the decrease of regression behavior also gains other skills. But he still has motor sensory issue. He has trouble in coordination between hands and legs which make him hard to handle a regular bike. We tried to push him to learn the regular bicycle, which almost every normal kid are doing. But he can’t. His arms and legs muscle are strong, but he lacks the capability to balance the regular bike. He is so frustrated and refuses to try again once he failed several times.  This failure limits Ming’s outside activates and also, he seems still interested in riding bike, because he keeps watching and looks so excited when he see other kids play with bike. We believe this modified bike will make him happy and establish confidence in him as well.

The product Worksman Personal Activity Vehicles PAV3 will be very easy for him to handle, and I believe it will favor him to have a better balance for his body, and then he will have more outside entertainments. So we think buy this product for him is necessary.