2017-07-07 018

I would like to thank The Arya Foundation for all that you do for people with special needs. This is such a great program, and it is changing so many lives for the better. My son, Tanner has a diagnosis of Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy, global development delays, and hypotonia. It took many years of testing, MRI’s, spinal taps, chemical taps, CT’s, and numerous blood tests with many specialists to finally come to this diagnosis. Tanner’s younger brother has the same delays only they are less severe. He is a curious, happy, loving, active boy who loves to play outside with his brother and his friends. He uses his reverse walker most of the time, but he does use his wheelchair for long days or field trip type activities. We are trying to increase his endurance by joining different activities through TASK and DASA. He is getting older and it is getting tough to play things like soccer, tball and other activities with others his age because of the difficulty to maneuver in grass or on fields. We feel the more independence he can gain and more interaction with other kids during play will greatly improve not only his physical strength and skills, but his self-esteem and social skills. I know you have probably heard much of this before and may be looking for something that makes Tanner stand out. Well, he is just a great kid that does things in his own way, in his own time and he works very hard to do them to the best of his ability. We first got involved with TASK and were finally able to get involved with sports in a safe, successful environment. After some sessions of bowling and TASK act, we found DASA. They have been a true GOD send. The boys take swimming lessons through them and also take advantage of their special outings. Tanner was able to go to their summer camp, Camp WeCanDo, with a scholarship from DASA. It is a week-long sleep away camp put on by DASA. During that camp they were exposed to so many different sports and activities that they and I quite frankly, didn’t know that they were able to play or even like. He played tennis, karate, went swimming, horseback riding and even SCUBA diving!!!!! I don’t have funds to get the crocodile gait trainer. It was denied by insurance because of the lack of research supporting it. I would be deeply grateful if you would award Tanner a new gait trainer. Thank you so much again for all that you do!! :- Tanner’s Mom