Jenna has been diagnosed with severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy as a result of her extreme prematurity. While Jenna is unable to care for herself, she has been given a very sharp mind. She graduated last year from Middle School as a straight A student and was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. Through the local Disabled Sports Association (DASA) she has participated in summer camps, wheelchair soccer, swimming and a few other activities. And she has participated in a number of clubs and activities at school. She is currently enrolled in High School and enjoys being part of the ‘Stars’ which is a dance team for disabled teens. Jenna loves to draw. From the time that she could hold a pencil she was always doodling. Her desire is to be an animator with Walt Disney. We too would love to see her attain this dream of making a living through her artwork. As her parents, we would love to see her achieve whatever independence she is capable. We too want to provide a home environment for her that allows for ease of her care and for maximum self-care. Jenna loves people and loves to interact with them. We love to see her in environments that are socially healthy.