Emily is a joyful child who loves to be around people, especially other children, and to be able to move and play.  Everyone who meets her comments on her beautiful smile. Because of a Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection (cCMV), Emily has many struggles, including that she is profoundly deaf and has cerebral palsy. She received cochlear implants around the age of one, which has given her gift of hearing sound. She now loves to have the book read to her and listen to music. Although she is still nonverbal, she will laugh and vocalize (loudly!) when she is having fun. She also loves to move about and play, and light up when she gets to go outside. However, she is still unable to sit up, crawl or walk and has limited fine and gross motor skills she depends on adaptive equipment and adults to help her participate in her world. For example, at her school, she loves to be able to walk around the gym with her classmate in an agent trainer or to join her classmate in water play while in a stander or being held by an aide. Despite her challenges, Emily has always been an unbelievably happy and engaged. The only times she gets unhappy is if she gets left behind or gets bored. When we find ways to help her play, we are rewarded with her smiles and laughter. Emily has thoroughly enjoyed the couple of times she rode an adaptive bike at therapy, and we just know she would love to join her big sister on a bike ride in her neighborhood if she received an adaptive bike.