The Story of Salem Abuzaid a sweet, loving 7 year old boy!

When Salem was 18 months of age, our world came crashing down; when our healthy, handsome young boy stopped talking, couldn’t auditory process any language, had an ataxic gate and was flipping toys over. He was hospitalized for a week due to high CK levels in his blood and for his regression.

The week consisted with multiple tests…some of them very evasive and painful. We had received an initial diagnosis of regressive Autism but had to wait 2 months to get a result on his muscle biopsy. The final result showing Becker’s Muscular Dystrophy as well.

The next several months were spent searching about how we could help our son.

About 3 years ago I attended the Son-Rise Parent Training Program in Sheffield, Massachusetts at The Autism Treatment Center of America.   I had always wanted to attend The Son Rise Intensive Program; where they work with your child for 40 hours that week and you get intensive training in and out of the playroom.

We do have a playroom set up and definitely are in need of more therapy tools to increase more vocabulary and communication and eye contact. Also to get his sensory needs met…. He love to jump, swing, bounce and get tight, tight squeezes. This is why we are asking for funding assistance to get the double Mountain Squeezer.

To sum up where Salem has been and where is has gone, 18 months he stopped talking, starting getting ABA Therapy. He had also received Speech, Occupational, Physical therapy. Salem learned sign Language, repeated one word phrase, then two words, then 3 words and now 4-5 word sentences,