Aiden is a remarkable young man. He is eleven and has been through much in his young life. Aiden was born early (32 weeks). He is legally blind. Aiden has had surgery on both eyes. One eye he had surgery to connect his retina, and the other eye he had a cataract removed. He also had surgeries to relieve pressure off his eyes. Aiden have had surgeries like tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, and a g-tube placement. Aiden has had multiple orthopedic surgeries. Although, Aiden is bed ridden he has a wonderful smile and attitude. He often smiles and laughs out loud. Aiden’s mother and father work hard to ensure he is happy and healthy. Aiden have 10 siblings who loves him deeply, and he have 15 nieces and nephews who talks to him and makes him laugh and smile. Aiden have a nurse who have been¬† with him since he was 15 months old, and she is totally involved in his care and loves hi as if he was her own. Aiden have much support from his family and others who comes in contact with him.