Ashley had a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome and specialist appts were scheduled soon after birth. Heart issues, thyroid issues, strabismus issues were just a few of the health issues that were and continue to be addressed. Delays due to low muscle tone and developmental delays created barriers to her being able to effectively communicate with others as well as the constant turn over in Speech therapists that she had for the 2 years before preschool that did nothing to help. Preschool and elementary school times had made for a more stable period for her learning and she did grow and learn to communicate some with those closest to her. Tools such as pecs and more basic augmentative speech devices that were made available to her had greatly assisted her in communicating her wants and needs during the preschool and elementary periods. Now in high school and the plan to spend ever increasing amount of time in the community with her classmates and looking towards possible future job prospects the need for a lightweight more advanced speech device becomes more evident. She still seeks out others, verbal and non verbal to pass time with. Some meetings are more effective than others but she still works hard to find her place in this world. Her family all love her and she returns those affections. She is our very own Super Girl!