Benjamin Rees 1

Benjamin “Jian Jian” is diagnosed with tethered cord, myelomeningocele spina bifida, and club feet. He received his first corrective surgery while living in a Chinese orphanage. Following his recovery, he was placed in a group home for special needs orphans where he lived until he was adopted.

Once home, we set up care with an orthopedic physician, urologist, and neurosurgeon. Jian Jian has had several surgeries. We have sought physical therapy throughout the past decade and enrolled him in numerous programs to help him develop core strength and retain as much mobility as possible. He has also experienced chronic pressure sores on his right foot which have led to osteomyelitis on one occasion and numerous other infections.

Jian Jian continues to be ambulatory with the assistance of KAFO braces. He is a very active and loves to be outside, play basketball and ride his bike. He has many friends, and all of his teachers love him. We have worked with him to develop quite a few hobbies for him to enjoy when he is unable to walk due to infections/surgeries. Recently, he started a business building birdhouses. He sold them to friends, family, teachers, and even hosted booths at craft fairs. He was so proud of himself and sold out of his stock completely. He has also taught himself by watching YouTube videos how to create a Minecraft server and to rebuild a computer. He is the most tenacious and spirited child we’ve ever known. Our family motto is “Reeses never give up”. He reminds me of that when I’m struggling some days. He is really the joy of our lives.