Brody is a very loving sweet boy. Brody has a rare genetic disorder called Kleefstra Syndrome. For Brody, Kleefstra has meant many challenges throughout his life. Kleefstra Syndrome is a mutation in his 9th chromosome that affects a large number of the functionality of other genes. Numerous health issues are associated with the syndrome. He receives physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Kleefstra affects his ability to communicate verbally and he has several developmental delays in speech, fine, and gross motor skills. Brody has silent aspiration and we have to thicken all of his liquids, asthma, respiratory issues, GI issues, heart defects, low muscle tone, feeding issues, and many children see a regression period as kids grow into teenage and adult years. Seizures are also very common in Kleefstra Syndrome. Brody is a very determined little boy. His little brother recently started riding his tricycle and Brody is so eager to learn how to ride a bike. It is very hard for him and a huge part of that is the bikes for his age and size that we have access to purchase are not suitable for him. The Amtryke tricycle will provide him the proper fit, comfortable seat to support his low muscle tone and straps for his feet to help him. Also, the ability to assist him and push him when he gets tired or struggles or is going up or down a hill will allow him to do so much more. We would love to be able to get this bike for Brody. In our neighborhood, we have one neighborhood mailbox that we always walk to get the mail when it is nice and during the summers and his brother now wants to ride his bike to get the mail and of course, Brody does too and this bike would provide the ability to do this! We would be able to go to trails and take the kids on bike rides and provide him assistance when he gets tired. I was so excited when I heard of Amtryke!