Caitlyn has the medical diagnosis of Rett Syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy (uses a ketogenic diet) and cortical visual impairment. Her developmental delays are in the areas of physical development (fine and gross motor), cognitive development, communication development, social/emotional development and adaptive development. These areas all impact the way Caitlyn is able to interact with adults and peers.
Caitlyn receives language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and vision therapy throughout each week. Her current Individual Education Plan (IEP) documents these services in detail and the goals she is working on in class as well as within each therapy. Our goal is to increase Caitlyn’s skills in all areas, give her a good school experience and keep her stress level at a minimum to decrease seizure activity. Caitlyn is a happy girl who seems to enjoy coming to school, especially interacting with people.
Due to Caitlyn’s developmental skill level and medical concerns, she has been provided a paraprofessional who is assigned to her during the school day. This is to help adapt activities so that Caitlyn can participate as well as provide constant monitoring of her seizures when they occur and to help keep her feeding schedule. She is on a ketogenic diet to help manage her drug resistant epilepsy. This is a very controlled diet that must be fed on a strict time schedule and must be fed in its entirety.
Adapting activities for Caitlyn means not only watching for seizures that may occur during stressful times, but also presenting things so that her vision issues are taken into account. She must also be helped with anything that may be a motor skill in general, such as help with holding items, feeding, transporting her safely within the school environment and monitoring her floor time activities so that she does not hurt herself while moving around the area. Caitlyn does not move herself by crawling but by wiggling and “throwing” herself around.
Caitlyn uses many different types of adaptive equipment throughout her school day. She comes to school in a special “stroller” that can be tied down in the school bus during transportation to and from school. There is also a paraprofessional on the bus to monitor ad help with Caitlyn. During the school day Caitlyn uses a stander for one hour a day, uses a special chair for feeding and a different chair for circle time activities. Each chair has been adapted to her individual needs during these specific activities. Her specialized stroller is used to transport her when the class goes outside or to another part of the building.

Caitlyn loves music, sensory items, and positive reinforcement by others while biking outside. She is an easygoing, very sweet little lady that listens to Ruth B, Adele, Guns & Roses, Justin Timberlake, and the frozen soundtrack. Caitlyn enjoys listening to the local cheerleaders and music on her evening bike rides throughout the park with Mom. Caitlyn has her own pom poms that are part of her sensory diet. Caitlyn also likes swimming in the kiddie pool every weekend and practicing her physical therapy out in the sun!