Cohen is our amazing, fun, silly, mischievous, determined, and snugly five years old. He loves music, trains, swimming, watching movies, wrestling with his daddy, climbing, jumping, cuddles and kisses from his teachers at school, and anything that involves being outside! He has a little brother, who smothers him with love any chance he gets. He is a huge blessing to our family and we love him to pieces.
Cohen was diagnosed with autism at the age of two. He has been receiving intensive therapy since before his diagnosis and has made so much progress. We are very proud of him and all the hard work he does to master skills that come naturally to most children.
However, as Cohen grows, one area that we continually struggle with is communications. – Cohen has an extremely limited vocabulary. His needs are now more complex and he gets very frustrated when he cannot communicate what he wants or needs. He has successfully used a picture exchange system to communicate since shortly after his diagnosis, but more and more frequently, the PECS book just does not give him a wide enough variety of choices to adequately express himself. We believe an iPad loaded with an augmentative communication app will be life changing for Cohen and our whole family.