Franklin has a contagious smile and bright eyes and loves to socialize with everyone he meets. His favorite thing to do is the dance with his brother. Franklin had suffered a brain bleed in utero, which caused a buildup of fluid resulting in hydrocephalus. He had his first brain surgery to insert a reservoir to manage the fluid buildup. Since the time of his first surgery, in addition to hydrocephalus, Franklin has been diagnosed with hemiplegic cerebral palsy and cortical visual impairment. He’s had two surgeries to help his vision, and when his hydrocephalus built up again this past year, he had another brain surgery, called ventricular fenestration, to assist with relieving the pressure on his brain again.

Because of Franklin’s cerebral palsy, he is not yet able to walk or crawl and is currently nonverbal. He loves working with his physical, occupational, aqua and speech therapists to work on his gross and fine motor skills and is currently perfecting rolling across the floor to keep up with his big brother and puppy. Franklin utilizes adaptive equipment, like a gait trainer, to help him get stronger, but an adaptive tricycle would give him more motivation and FUN in building his leg muscles and playing with his brother. He received the opportunity to get fitted for an AmTrykes tricycle this year and was so excited to have a new opportunity to be mobile and experience the world.