Holden was a healthy, happy addition to the family. All of his development goals were met or exceeded until he was about 18-22 months old. We then noticed a sudden loss of eye contact, loss of interest in the people around him which was alarming considering how happy, giggling and interactive he was growing up to be. Soon, all of his speech and vocabularies disappeared and his attention span was nonexistent. By the age of 30 months, development stopped and then began to regress. Holden saw a neurologist and was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Since then, over the last 5 years, Holden has had slowed development and reoccurring developmental regression – we have had to seek a team of specialists and therapists (behavioral, occupational, speech and ABA) to help Holden with self-care, reducing self-injurious behavior, speech skills, social interaction and basically all aspects of his development. For examples, he currently is still challenged using 2 or more spoken words at a time, making a friend eludes him as well as educational skills such as writing his name and reading. His diagnoses have expanded to include Sensory Integration Disorder and ADHD (combined type) as well as digestive challenges and significant food allergies. He needs support and therapy both at school and privately. The Arya Foundation’s assistance would be an amazing blessing to help us afford this expensive OT equipment. Right now, Holden gets the benefits of using this exact equipment in his private occupational therapy sessions (limited to two hours a week) but we the family and his teachers, lack access to its use every day in our home and at his school. Holden’s family and OT see significant and exciting improvements when he is able to access this equipment in his private OT sessions. His OT recommends it’s used on repeatedly on a daily basis. We are encouraged by hope. Thank you so much for your consideration of our application, we are excited at the possibilities that accessing this equipment every day, all day, would mean to Holden and his development!