Jackson is our sweet 8 year old son whom you will always find happy & smiling! He endures more than most and rarely complains. Shorthly after Jackson was born he began having seizures and we have struggled to control them since. In addition to epilepsy Jackson is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, dystonia, cortical visual impairment and developmental disability. He has fought numerous aspiration pneumonia and has had many surgeries including 2 eye surgeries, g-tube placement, tubes in his ears and most recently UNS placement & airway reconstruction.
Thanks to his numorous therapist, has has overcome many odds! He rolls to get where he wants in the house, loves music, loves play with toys that light up and make sounds and watching Spongebob. He enjoys being with his siblings and is always cracking up at their antics! He is just pure joy to be around!
Since May Jackson has been admitted to hospital 13 times for increased seizures and pneumonia. Due to all this he has been placed on homebound schooling. for this reason we are hoping for a grant to get Jackson an Ipad. His teacher and OT both bring theirs when they come to do his homebound and it has become a great tool for him! We would love for him to have his own that we could work with on a daily basis to aid in him being able to communicate with us.
:-Jackson’s Mom