Jacob is an energetic and happy 9-year-old who was diagnosed with Microcephaly and Epilepsy when he was four months old. Jacob has had many hospitalizations due to seizures and even had to be in the NICU for a week because they couldn’t get his seizures to stop. His seizures are for the most part controlled now. He is on a twice daily seizure medication and has emergency seizure medications as well. Jacob has also been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD (he takes medication for that), and Intellectual Disability. We also have him on a wait list to be tested for Autism. He is non-verbal and has just started to use an iPad to communicate at school. He has shown some success with the iPad, so we are hoping that this will help him to be able to communicate his wants and needs. Jacob receives Speech and Language therapy, Occupational therapy, ABA therapy, Music therapy, and he has his own para with him all day. He is in a functional classroom for the majority of his school day.
Jacob loves going to the beach, seeing animals at the zoo, hanging out with his family, and cuddling! Jacob is a happy guy who is known for giving the best hugs and kisses to everyone. He knows how to say “hi” and “love you” (it sounds like ugga). Jacob has a dog named Bailey who he loves to play with. Jacob also loves school and loves going to his sports at various special needs organizations around St. Louis.