Jacob was diagnosed at age 4 with Moderate Autism, ADHD, Moderate-Severe Expressive Language Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder and excessive Anxiety in Alabama. He didn’t speak in words but babbled. At the time of his diagnosis Mother and Father were separated. It was difficult to get a diagnosis because his medical coverage would not pay for it.
After his parents divorce and moving to his Mothers home state of Missouri Jacob was put on SSI and received state funded medical care.
He enjoys playing outside, electronics of all types and spending time with his family. He is a kind considerate big brother and kisses his little sister every night before bed. His father struggling with his own mental illness moved to Missouri last year and then returned to Alabama this past year along with Jacobs medical insurance and child support.
Jacobs is a go getter. He works diligently with his therapists in and out of school. He has improved in all areas quite significantly except for his Language Impairment. He is in a typical classroom at school. He is below grade level in Math and Language Arts. His difficulties are recalling information, formulating sentences, defining vocabulary and math strategies. Scores from formal testing both in and out of the school setting have not changed. Jacob has overcome so many obstacles through pure perseverance thus far in his 9 years that an IPad will give him the tools he needs for future success.