Katy is 5 years old and has Down Syndrome but Down Syndrome does not in any way define who Katy is ! Katy can do anything any other 5 year old can do (other than talk)! The love of Katy’s life is her brother, who is exactly one year older than she is and is the best therapist money could buy! Katy does her best to keep up with Timmy whether its playing basketball, swimming, dancing, reading books or just sitting watching TV. Due to Katy’s apraxia, communicating and creating friendship outside family is difficult. We hope that a communication device will help her make friends, be invited to birthday parties and play dates for the first time! A device will therefore speed up her ability to motor plan her speech effectively. As parents we are thrilled that Katy is part of our family and believe she is changing lives! Katy smiles all day! Katy can walk into a room, give everyone a hug, brighten the room, but she has a knack for knowing who needs her love due to something that that one person is going through! She is special beyond words. She has so much to say and I can’t wait for her to start being able to tell us what’s going on in her head!!