Kenneth ‘Liam’ is an amazing young man. Even at a young age, he has faced several lifetimes of adversity, and yet he is the most loving and cheerful person ever known. Liam was born with Spina Bifida, Chiari malformation, hydrocephalus and hospitalizations for treatment. He has weekly sessions of OT, PT and speech therapy. Its been a hard road for Liam, an yet he faces the challenges of life with joy, and optimism one seldom sees, even in able-bodied, healthy people. Liam loves his toy trains and his computer tablet, but more than anything Liam loves people. Strangers are just friends he hasn’t met. He is very empathetic and rejoices and cries with the happiness and sadness of others. More than anything else, Liam longs to play with others. He has many playmates at school. An adaptive trike will be not only therapeutic for him physically but will increase his opportunities for socialization with his peer.