Princess Luz was like any other child she loved adventure, laughs, and had such an amazing imagination. She would smother you in hugs and kisses.She hated bed time, but what kid doesn’t, both matter how late she would try to stay up she would always make sure she was up for school in the morning. Her favorite food is tacos there is never a boring with this princess especially since she loves to talk and make old laugh.
Never expected the tragic event of getting hit by a vehicle and what happened to my princess. You read about it even hear about things like this on the news but when it’s your little one everything changes. Medical attention responded immediately Luzarale was found at the scene unconscious and transported to Children’s hospital where she was diagnosed with a TBI (traumatic brain injury) she had two broken bones in her right leg and was also seen by orthopedic surgery. Luzarale was on a breathing machine and was also being treated for sympathetic storming, common in patients with a brain injury.
Luzarale was able to breathe on her own and was sent to the neurology floor for a while. She went into cardiac arrest. She was given CPR and heart begins to pump and began to breathe again. She was sent back to the pediatric ICU until she was well again.
She began her rehabilitation. She is seen by an occupational therapist, speech therapist and physical therapy. Today she enjoys the pool, music, stories getting fresh air she always loved the outdoors, the company of family and the ones who care about her and of course her favorite movie Disney’s frozen. We have come a long way together she even smiles and lets out a little laugh.It was a tough and long road in the beginning but we know with the continued support of family, friends and the ones that give continued support she will continue to progress thank you for reading the princess Luzarale’s story and enjoyed getting to know a little about her.