Marley is a 7 years old sweet girl who is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Cortical visula Impairment. Marley started 1st grade this year and loves being with her peers and going to school. Marley nearly lost her life shortly after birth; however, the healthcare team was able to resuscitate her and save her life. Her first couple years of life were not easy but Marley’s a fighter and never give up.

Marley has had several surgeries and hospital stays but overall is pretty healthy. Marley had significant delay in all developmental areas including motor & language. At age 3 she had selective dorsal rhizotomy a spinal surgery to help with spasticity in CP, post-op treatment requires physical therapy 4-5 times a week for a year.It was worth it all because at age 4 1/2 Marley started walking, now at age 7 she walks , run and gets around just like any other kid. Marley still struggles with communication and social skills but is getting better every day.

So this Marley’s short but sweet story. she loves to be loved and laughs all the time. I try to give her everything I can but sometimes we need a little help. Marley’s glasses are $ and medicaid wont cover them. I contacted Regional Center to use autism waiver but the funds wont cover glasses either. She needs her glasses for school & to use her communication device.