Maxwell (Max) is a wonderful and fun loving 6 years old who has Cerebral Palsy. In Max’s short span of life he has learned to conquer many things that we take for granted such as chewing food, sitting up on his own, walking, and even putting a puzzle piece into a simple puzzle. Due to Max’s determination, fun spirit, and adaptation skills he has learned to work around, if not overcome, some of these struggles.
Max’s speech disorder has been his biggest obstacle and no matter how much he tries he has not been able overcome this hurdle…yet. Max has endured years of intense speech therapy and has made some gains but not like he has in other areas. Speech is his largest, and most frustrating, deficit. Max’s Speech Pathologist, Occupation Therapist, and Neurologist all said it was time to start Max on an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device so we took Max to St. Louis Children’s Hospital for an AAC evaluation. The team did decide Max would greatly benefit from an AAC device. The team agreed that the “LAMP Words for Life” program was a wonderful fit for Max and would assist in facilitating his speech. Max has begun to use the program with his speech pathologist and all of us, including MAX, can already see the benefits. It is so wonderful to see him get excited when using the device, or his “Talker” as we call it!
Max shows an amazing zeal for life and takes on his challenges head on, due to this he will continue to overcome the obstacles that life has been put before.

“Max will take us where he wants to go!…I am just along for the ride” , By Max’s Mom.