Meghan was diagnosed with hydranencephaly, a rare condition that is also considered a cerebral palsy disorder. Her brain did not fully develop.  After showing several signs of developmental delays, such as not sitting up on her own or having any balance, not being able to roll over, not tracking with her eyes, and not having a good suck on her bottle, an MRI was done on Meghan. It showed a significant part of her brain was missing, resulting in the diagnosis of hydranencephaly.

Meghan is nonverbal, nonambulatory, cannot crawl or sit up on her own, has occasional seizures, has a cortical visual impairment, oral delays, and vomiting issues, and is fed solely by g-tube. She has a shunt because cerebral spinal fluid accumulates in the empty part of her brain.

She is also a sweet ray of sunshine. She smiles a lot and has a wonderful laugh. She brings joy to her surroundings. She loves music, cartoons, reading books, and interacting with others.

Meghan is now in Kindergarten and with a lot of support and therapy is doing well there. Meghan uses two special chairs at home; one of them is a Special Tomato chair. Meghan is growing a lot and now needs a larger seat and back for her Special Tomato chair.