Nolan has intractable epilepsy and currently his seizures have been controlled with the Ketogenic diet for over 600+ days. Nolan’s development was typical till his seizures began in February 2014. He was having seizure every morning and sometimes multiple throughout the morning. Nolan failed over 7 medications and the doctors pretty much gave us no hope and told us this is how his life would be. We were then introduced to the Ketogenic diet (medically followed high fat, medium protein, low carb diet). Doctor’s said it would be hard and he probably wouldn’t follow through on what it entailed. In October 2014 he began the diet and immediately went seizure free. We are so proud of how well he follows the diet. It’s so hard telling him ‘no’ to candy, pizza, juice boxes, cakes, etc (things typical kids get to enjoy). He currently has delays in SLP, OT and PT. He need help foster his communications and fine motor skills. :- Nolan’s Mom