Peyton was born April 25, the best day of my life. As far as developing goes I noticed early on that Peyton didn’t meet his milestones. By 3 months we had a diagnosis of a delay. We went through test after test and everything came back negative. We did not have an answer, still, till this day we don’t have a reason as to why Peyton was specially made. He was a full term baby with no complications at birth. The MRI of the brain showed a smaller than typical gray matter and mildly damaged white matter. Peyton was then able to get a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Although Peyton has significant delays across every area, he is incredibly happy. He loves to give hugs and smile directly into your eyes every chance he gets. He is quite the ladies man. Not only that, but he is a fighter. He has been going to therapy since he was 3 months old and puts in hard work every time. We have grown and progressed so much, every little thing counts. Peyton is very dear to many and has taught so many life lessons.:-Peyton’s Mom