Sammy is a beautiful gift of God. He is a happy and cute little boy. However, he was not able to express himself properly and had very low attention to people nearby. He was diagnosed at age 2 with autism with speech and cognition delay.

From that day, we were just like being hit by a big stone and having no direction for our family future. Having an abundance of help from social workers and therapists, we accepted it and started to understand how to support Sammy to express and to let him know this wonderful world. We would know that we are going to have a lot of fun things to learn together with him.

Sammy now has a very special mark on the face – his big smile. He always smiles to people who are talking to him. This shows that he is eager to reach out people, but does not know how. He is beginning to know how to make choices and play with his toy cars. He loves to read books with some short words and see pictures. He also likes to read them to his baby brother and makes him smile. Some of his other favorite activities are going to playgrounds, pretend to be in a supermarket, and eating his snakes at a coffee shop. He also enjoys his therapies and is learning to keep focused on activities or during class and to make his motor planning better.

Because of his sensory integration issues, he struggles with attention and some texture fixation. He also has difficulty interacting with peers, organizing his language, and speaking in whole sentences. We are hoping to have a piece of therapeutic equipment that would allow him to keep focused and enhance his ability to playing with peers and play skills. Particularly, the equipment during activities is portable and can be used while working on other activities such as playing and reading.

Thank you for such a wonderful program to help children in need like Sammy!