This Is Sawyer. Sawyer was born on July 7th 2013. Her delivery was very rough. After a partial abruption and cord compression, she was born via c-section. She was born without life or breath. CPR was performed for approximately 40 min. The doctors eventually had to drill a hole in her thigh bone and insert epinephrine after 8 failed attempts through her intubator tube. She was then air lifted to Mercy hospital St. Louis where she was put on a cold bed in a coma like state for three days. During that time her body temperature was only set at 93 degrees. She quickly came off the ventilator and breathing support. She progressed very quickly. Doctors and nurses and we (her parents) attempted to feed her orally. After only taking part of her feedings orally, a feeding tube was decided to be the best option for Sawyer to thrive at home. She was then released after only a month in the NICU. Since home she has come a long way. At 6 months she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Hip Dysplasia.

Despite surgeries on her hips and eyes, and all the hardships she has faced, she is a very happy easy going little girl! Sawyer loves television. She loves Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First and Tinker Bell the most. She is a very smart girl as well. She picks all her own things like colors and toys. She is a very normal little girl in the aspects of what she likes. She is always smiley. She is currently getting physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Speech therapy is working on her oral feeds and talking. She is working on muscle control and use in the other therapies.

We are applying for a special needs stroller. This stroller will assist us in being able to take her more places comfortably. Being 2 years old, she is getting bigger and that makes carrying her a lot more strenuous. This stroller would make her quality of life better. The stroller is small enough to fold up and be transported in our vehicle. The stroller is a better option than a wheel chair because she is currently working on learning to walk in her gait trainer and it is not known if a wheel chair will be needed. The stroller will give her time to grow and give her more time to learn before deciding if a wheel chair is necessary.

Sawyer is the light of our lives and we wouldn’t be complete without her. She brightens everyone’s life she enters and everyone falls in loves with her instantly!